Oquirrh Mountain Inn FAQs

  • Oquirrh Mountain Inn - Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) How far are you from Utah Motorsports park? 
(A) We are approximately 10 miles from the Utah Motorsports Park. 

From our hotel, head Southwest on UT-36 to UT-138 and then head West to Sheep Lane. Utah Motorsports Park is located at 2901 Sheep Lane, Tooele, UT.

(Q) How far are you from Tooele?
(A)  We are 11 miles to the center of town in Tooele.

(Q) How do you say Oquirrh?
(A) ("Oh-Kerr") - Oquirrh Mountain history 

(Q) How far to Salt Lake International airport? 
(A)  We are 18 miles from Salt Lake Internaltion Airport. 

From our hotel, head North to I-80 East toward Salt Lake City.  After approximately 16 miles, take exit 115 onto Bangerter Hwy toward Airport/North Temple.  Keep right toward Salt Lake City International Airport and continue onto N. Termial Drive at the airport.


(Q) How far are you from Salt Air or The Great Salt Lake Marina? 
(A) We are 5.5 miles to Exit 104 at the Great Salt Lake.

From our hotel, head North to I-80 East toward Salt Lake City.  Take Exit 04 toward Saltair Drive and then head West.  To get to the Marina from Salt Air, head South following the signs to the Marina (or Black Rock).

(Q) What restaurants are close by? 
(A) A few restaurants located in Lake Point are listed below.  Additional restaurants are located in Stansbury, Tooele, and Grantsville, all wihin a 5-15 minutes. 

  • Denny's (Inside Flying J Truck stop)
  • McDonalds
  • Subway
  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell
  • Del Taco
  • TA Restaurant